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I am loving the deo. I can honestly say I was a bit hesitant because, well... I am a sweaty person haha.
I was expecting the switch over time to be rough but it was not rough at all. It has worked like a charm and I can feel better about what I’m putting on my underarms everyday.

My boyfriends brother always got large cysts in his underarms when he started using deodorant. It was obviously from what ingredients were in there. I got him some souldeo deodorant and has never came back! This speaks for itself. Great quality!

I’m so in love with your lavender / eucalyptus shower mist! WOW!!!

I feel like I’m in the spa! ❤️

My husband also started using your deodorant. Usually half way through the day he’d have to reapply with store bought. Now he lasts the day!! Thank you for making an amazing product!

This was the first shower oil I tried and I loved it so much I went back for the lavender as well. I was surprised that the scent lingers throughout my shower and how much I look forward to using it every day! The orange is fresh and the eucalytpus so herbal that you really do feel like you are at the spa!

Such an amazing product that really works! My hair had not been washed for at least a week. It was very oily, I used this dry shampoo and my hair was beautiful and soft! I could of gone out after!! Amazing product, as a mom, it’s been a life saver!!

I picked up the lavender & lemongrass stick a couple of days ago and I am LOVING it!! I “tried it out” today at the beach to see how much protection it gave and it’s amazing!!! No smell, no extra sweating etc. I even feel like my armpits are looking better. If that even makes sense? Hahaha!!! I’m SOLD!! Thanks for making such a great product!

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