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Why choose SoulDeo?

We are proudly a small batch, all natural company that believes in the best for each body. We believe that using natural products should not be at the cost of a great working or great smelling product!  

SoulDeo is dedicated primarily to creating luxurious, 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free deodorant.

We also offer natural dry shampoo, as well as some amazing spa-like shower mists!


What do I need to know about Natural Deodorant?

Natural deodorant is a GREAT CHOICE for your body! Your skin is your largest organ, so great product ON your body is just as important as great product IN your body!  

We have tweaked our formula and worked hard to be one of the best natural deodorants out there! If you've just decided to make the switch to natural deodorant, first of all, GREAT DECISION! Your body will thank you!


How much is too much/how do I apply?

For the stick formula, just a few swipes onto clean skin.The deodorant balm, one pea-sized amount is enough to keep you smelling great.  Gently apply and work it in until clear for best results.


Can I apply this deodorant in other areas?

Yes! You can actually use this anywhere on your body! Most popular suggestions: ~anti-chafing~under breasts~foot deodorant~


Stick or jar? What's the diff?

The jar is a nice cream-to-powder formula! It's been our tried, tested and true product from the beginning. It also comes in a reusable glass jar!

The stick formula glides on like smooth perfection, and works like a charm! The packaging is fully recyclable! The new cardboard tube is fully compostable as well! 


How long should my deodorant last?

With normal use, your deodorant should last between 3-6 months. Heavy use will likely result in 2 - 4 months per deodorant.

Our products typically have a 12 month shelf life. It's not necessarily expired. At SoulDeo we do not use any type of chemical preservative to extend shelf life, we only use the freshest ingredients for our products!


I have sensitive skin!

We have a BAKING SODA FREE formula in Orange and Lavender, Coconut + Shea (scentless) or Lime + Bergamot that is perfect for delicate skin, and still works great because it's packed with magnesium! 


Do you make anything unscented?

You bet we do! We have a natural Coconut and Shea Stick formula for those with aversions to additional scent. This product is also baking soda free, and magnesium enriched!

We also have a Coconut + Shea scentless deodorant balm, it does have baking soda in it! 


What if I'm a REALLY heavy sweater? 

Activated Charcoal is your BFF! 

Activated charcoal can absorb 1000 times its own weight in moisture, so it's an amazing ingredient in our products! It is great at drawing out toxins in the body, is gentle on skin and naturally neutralizes odour. We have several options that have this incredible agent to give it an additional line of defense against sweat and odour. 


My deodorant is hard! What do I do?

Our products are made using natural butters and oils, so temperatures can affect the consistency of the product. For the stick formula, just hold it against the skin for a few seconds before applying. If the balm is in a warm room approx. 21-23 degrees, it's soft and creamy, but if it gets cold anywhere it can harden up. Just give it a mix! Take a small spoon or spatula and work it in until it starts softening up into a creamy texture.

For the stick formula, just hold the deodorant on your skin to warm up for a few seconds and it should warm up the natural butters! 


My pump isn't working?

If you're having issues with the dry shampoo pump, just take it out and pump till it pumps completely clear! This usually clears the clog. 

Shower mist sprayer- just take off the top and soak it in hot water and pump it through a few times! 

Please let us know if you need any more assistance!  

I'm having an issue with my cardboard tube!

Cardboard is definitely not as strong as plastic tubes! They tend to break down easier. When putting the lid back on, use a twisting motion to twist it back on to avoid breaking down the edges. If you are trying to get the end of the deodorant out, try using the end of a brush to push it out! Need any other tips? Feel free to contact us!


Where can I get it?

 See our Stockists page.